Terms and Conditions



  • All flaunt rentals must be respected and handled with care as if it were your own. We wish to maintain them in the finest shape and make sure everyone has a chance to wear their ideal clothing.


  • If the hire is in your name, you are not permitted to lend the garment to anyone else under any circumstances. Please kindly let us know whose possession our garment will be in if you aren’t able to drop the garment off yourself at the end of the rental period.


  • Flaunt offers a range of sizes, so please don’t feel the need to squeeze into our garments, feel free to ask for a different size as we want you to look and feel your best.


  • When the item is in your possession, you are in charge of caring for it as if it were your own.





Dropping off your rental:

For weekday rentals, you need to ensure your item is dropped back by the next day so we can prepare it for our weekend hires.

For weekend rentals, you must return your hire by 5pm Monday evening. Unless discussed otherwise.


  • A $20 late fee will occur each day (unless discussed otherwise) if your rental isn’t dropped back in as this effects other bookings we have.


  • You need to let our team know via Instagram DM or email once your rental has been dropped back to the store, where you have placed it/ who you have given the garment to, to avoid any misplacements.


  • Side Note: Flaunt Rentals understands that there are conditions beyond your control that will limit garment returns within this timeframe. Please contact us via Instagram DM or email as soon as possible so we can sort out an alternative to ensure you don’t sustain the late fee.




  • Weekday rentals: your return must be posted via EXPRESS post to us on the first business day after your rental date and MUST be lodged at the post office.

  • Weekend rentals: your hire must be lodged at the post office by 1pm on Monday so we can prepare our garment for its next booking.

  • you need to inform our team how you will be collecting and returning your rental when checking out.

  • The cost of shipping the garment to you will be taken out of your deposit.




  • please do not attempt to dry clean or clean our garments yourself as they are delicate.

  • we will take the dry cleaning fee out of your deposit.




  • If your rental garment is damaged or stained, you will incur a fee to cover the price it costs us to mend the garment if this is possible.

       *Flaunt Rentals has all rights to question stains, damages, or marks on any              rentals*


  • Any damages must be photographed and sent us via Instagram DM or email before returning the garment to us.


  • If the stain is not able to be removed after dry cleaning, this will conclude in the item being deemed unwearable. Flaunt Rentals holds all rights to take the full retail price of said garment to be paid by the person who has rented the garment.


  • If there are damages such as rips, holes, major tears, or parts missing, Flaunt Rentals holds all rights to take payment to get the rented item fixed or if the garment is proceeded to be deemed unwearable the full retail price of the item will be taken by the person who has rented the garment.


  • If the garment is no longer wearable due to any of the above, you will be required to pay Flaunt Rentals for the full replacement cost which is the original retail price of the garment, this includes damage and loss of items.



  • A valid form of identification must be provided (showing all details front and back) this includes, school ID, proof of age card, driver’s license etc. This needs to be sent to Flaunt Rentals via Instagram DM or email before you pick up your rental/ before we send you your rental.  

  •   There will also be a form, either digital or physical that you will need to sign before we are able to send your rental out that states all of our t&cs and by signing it, you are stating that you agree to them. If this is not signed we will be unable to send your rental out and you will be charged with a cancellation fee.



  • This is a safety measure Flaunt Rentals enforces to ensure we have appropriate information should something go wrong.



  • We have a strict no refund policy. 
  • If you don’t end up wearing your rental for your event, we do not offer any refunds or store credits. 
  • If your item is delivered via post and does not arrive by the date it is meant to be rented from, you are entitled to a store credit valued at the total amount of your hire excluding postage costs.
  • If your rental does not fit you, you will not receive a refund or store credit under any circumstances.



  • You’re more than welcome to try on any available garments we have at our rental studio during your allocated appointment time, please ensure you leave the items hung up on the racks how you found them.


  • Flaunt Rentals is not able to hold garments for you to try on as this stops us from being able to rent them to someone else. However, if there are multiple sizes of your desired garment you are able to try the garment on to see how you like it, or we can organise a try on working around when your desired item is back in the studio.


  • If you end up deciding on a different item at your try on appointment from the one you had initially booked (if the item is available on your desired date.) you’re more than welcome to swap this over.


  • Please DO NOT attend your Flaunt Rentals try on appointment with any wet fake tan on or in any situation where you might leave our garments smelling poorly, otherwise a dry-cleaning fee will be charged.



  • If you are not able to provide the Flaunt Rentals team with proof that your item was in fact returned (e.g., timestamp, photo, receipt, tracking numbers etc.) you will be required to pay the full retail price of the lost garment. If the item cannot be replaced, you will still need to pay the full retail place of the missing garment. We ask that you always ensure you have sent us the tracking number to avoid this situation.

  • You will permanently be banned from renting from Flaunt Rentals in the future if you lose/not return a rented garment.



  • Flaunt Rentals reserves all rights to charge a cancellation fee if less than 3 days’ notice is given to cancel your rental regardless of whether if the payment has already been received.


The cancelation fee is equal to 50% of the total rental fee of the garment price.